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Our in-house development of your website makes sure that when your target audience visits your site they will have a positive user experience that will deliver value and make them eager to return. The Pixus Web Development team ensure proper planning is used to increase usability and functionality.


“Now that many of us are vaccinated, weddings are even more fun. True, in the US, the main expanse occurs during rehearsal dinners and welcome parties. They always have a funny theme: the circus, outdoor fires in the woods, masquerades, even rodeos,” says Bronson van Wyck of Van Wyck & Van Wyck. “We get so many requests for ‘themed weddings’ or welcome parties – Monte Cristo, disco, old Hollywood. These are weddings trends 2022 just some of the requests. Clients want to get a complete concept – from start to finish, but that it’s all modern and exciting, not trite. In fact, we really like it, and we are happy to take on any extraordinary wedding ideas, ”say Francie Dorman and Britt Cole of 42 North.

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Clean and well-organized site development.

Our clean web design will make sure your target audience is able to navigate through and find whatever they need on your website.


From banner stands to business cards, we got you covered!